Supported Charities

Cats Protection

Cats Protection was founded in London in 1927, and is a charity dedicated to the rescuing and re-homing of unwanted, stray or homeless cats. This charity also educates people about cats and cat welfare. Cats Protection save the lives of thousands of cats each year in the UK based on the crucial donations they receive. They also offer the chance to sponsor or adopt a cat.



Dogs Trust


Dogs Trust was founded in Dublin in 2009 and has re-homing centres throughout the UK and Ireland. It is a dog charity that focuses on rehabilitating and finding new homes for dogs which have been abandoned or given up by their owners. Dogs Trust encourage people to sponsor a dog even if they are not able to re-home one. The charity never puts a healthy dog down.



Redwings Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

Redwings is the largest horse sanctuary in the United Kingdom. It has over 250 dedicated members of staff and cares for over 1500 horses, ponies and mules every day at their specialized rehabilitation farms.They also have over 500 horses living in Guardian care through their successful re-homing programme. Horse welfare has come a long way through the hard work and commitment of Redwings.