About Us

Ark Emporium

We are a hugely business based in County Down, Northern Ireland. We are an international store dedicated to meeting the needs of passionate animal lovers from all around the world. We started with cats and dogs, but we will expand to different animal species as we grow. 

Although we are based in Northern Ireland, we use fulfillment houses that are based in the United States, United Kingdom and China. This is to ensure that we can ship orders to virtually any country in the world. 

We have had many pets over the years that we have loved and lost...dogs, cats, terrapins, fish, hamsters and parakeets and more. What we found is that local stores are very limited in the sense that they don't provide many products that say "I Love Animals!" - so we decided to provide novel items that you don't always see every day. We've made it our business to make such items accessible from virtually any country.

Being massive animal lovers, we decided to set up a store that would reflect not only our respect for the array of creatures that we are so fortunate to share the earth and our homes with, but also our passion for special products celebrating their existence. 

We don't use random people to run our business for us, we are the nuts and bolts behind it. When you get in touch with Ark Emporium, it is actually us who will be handling your query. We just launched our venture in 2016 and we are a fast growing business. Our focus will always be on our client base and serving their needs as best we can.

We stand by the products we stock and this is why we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. At present we also offer to pay your shipping for you ($9.95), and we make a special effort to offer the most attractive products for animal lovers that we can. We provide high quality items and a professional service to match. We treat every order the same regardless of the size or place of origin. 


The photos above are of our Border Collies, they are brother and sister...Gerry & Roxy. They are our best friends and we love them dearly.

To show our support for the animals related to the products that we stock, we currently give back 10% of all of our profits to animal charities for that species. At present we stock items for cats and dogs - so we donate part of every transaction to 'Cats Protection' and 'Dogs Trust' to help towards the welfare of unwanted cats and dogs. 

We hope you will enjoy your experience with Ark Emporium!


You are more than welcome to email us as support@arkemporium.com anytime or if you want to have a chat about anything you can call us on +447731576010 (UK)